3 Safety Features You Need In Your Vacation Rental Property

Whether you’re renting for the first time or putting up your vacation home up for rent, certain safety precautions must always be taken. Doing this will not only provide you with safety for you and any guests that might stay, but it also protects your investment. Check out the following tips for three of the most important safety features you should keep in mind for your vacation rental property.

Security System

You might be saying to yourself that you don’t need to invest in a security system; after all, your property is located within a safe neighborhood. The unfortunate fact is that these neighborhoods are heavily targeted by thieves, especially during the off-season, when they know you aren’t going to be there. So, here are a few things you can add to increase the security of your property. Digital cameras are a great investment to add to your rental. These are extremely handy as they are able to stream live video directly to your phone, allowing you to call the authorities in case of an unexpected disturbance. You may also want to invest in some high-quality doorknobs and locks. These will make it less likely that your door will be kicked in and can give you additional time to inform the local police of an attempted break-in.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Unfortunately, most vacation rentals don’t get the attention that a primary house does. If no tenants are occupying the rental property during the off-season, issues can quickly arise without anyone being able to report it. Therefore, it is incredibly important to add smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in order to protect your renters and your family. According to JEM Security, smoke detectors should be located outside every room that people sleep in, as well as inside any room that usually has its door closed, and on at least every floor of the home.

Heat Detectors

A heat detector gives you a different kind of coverage than a smoke detector does, although both are intended to keep you safe from fire. The difference is that a heat detector recognizes when the heat in an area gets too high. You would use these in rooms where there’s a lot of dust, humidity or steam. They work well in places that are used more infrequently, like an outside storage unit in your backyard.

Interior Lighting Timers

One of the best ways to protect your property and anyone occupying it is to install light timers. These timers will allow lights to slowly turn on as the sun begins to set. This can deter any would-be thieves from snooping around. Note that if you are renting out your property, you must inform your tenants about this light timer as they might believe that someone is inside. According to Schlage, having your own vacation rental property can be both an exciting project for the family and a great investment. You should maintain your carbon monoxide tester as you would a smoke detector. If your detectors are not wired into your home’s main power system, then you’ll want to change the battery every six months or so. This rule goes for all safety detectors in your home.

Having safety features in your vacation rental property can give you peace of mind. These devices alert you of various dangers that might be present in your home, including smoke and CO. Taking the time to change the batteries on these detectors and vacuuming them with a soft brush each month ensures that they’ll be up and running should an emergency strike. However, before you head back to your hometown, it’s always best to ensure that your investment is going to be safe over the off-season.

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