5 Home Improvement Trends For 2018

So we’ve talked about how some DIY projects could boost your curb appeals, but now it’s time to look at how to add some ‘oomph’ to the inside of your home. If you’re looking to sell, these are on-trend projects and will definitely catch the eye of homebuyers.

Retro or vintage patterns

Old fashioned styles like vintage lights with an antique patina are a contrasting design feature that you can embellish with modern improvements. The Washington Post says that many people are customizing older items with new electronics and innovations to provide function and style to give you the whole package. One of the most fun ideas is to use a model of the Sputnik as a focal point.

Light, Hardwood Floors

White Oak is one choice that homeowners are using in 2018 to make the home look bright and fresh. Adding this flooring option throughout the home is one way to bring a cohesive look to your house. For a more affordable option, you can use the hardwood to make a border around an island, to separate a dining area from the kitchen, or to create a focal wall.

Trough Sinks

This idea fits into a couple of designs. You could put the trough design in a room that you want to give the vintage treatment. An old sink design will fit right into an antique bath or kitchen. You might also use the trough to go the rural route like our next home improvement project suggests you do.

Sliding Barn Doors

Since rustic preferences have been on the rise in the last few years, sliding barn doors have been a growing trend because of their aesthetic and how easy they are to install. So when you want the shabby-chic design, the sliding barn door is a must. You can use this feature in any room of the home to get the dark rustic feel you want. All you need is a track system and a barn door or two depending on the size. Black hardware and a medium stain color is a popular option.


The shiplap style is one that Joanna Gaines often uses in her popular home improvement show. This design is easy to adapt to create something funky like a chevron wall, or a vertical wall instead of a horizontal layout. You can also paint this feature, stain it, or embellish it with anything from custom shelves to windows and even a hidden door.


If you want a trending look in your home, you can up-size or downscale the design any way you want to fit into your budget and space. You can find a ton of inspirational ideas and pictures of new remodels online. Gather photographs and get estimates to see what ideas will fit in your home the best.