Affordable Renovations That Will Transform Your Home Interior

You shouldn’t have to break the bank to give your home the makeover it needs to feel more modern and exciting (for you and anyone else who enters it!) Here are a few ideas of how to get that “new” feeling without the stress of big spending.

Declutter and Rearrange

Don’t underestimate the effectiveness of a deep clean! Purging your space—especially storage space—of unnecessary and unneeded things is both therapeutic and helpful. The more space you have, the more open and accessible your room will feel. Fewer things to clean, fewer things to organize, and more freedom to move! Decluttering can be intimidating, so according to Becoming Minimalist, you should set a goal or find a good strategy for determining your yes’s and no’s. Once the clutter is gone, rearrange the furniture. A new setup will completely transform a room to feel entirely new. Experiment with different layouts and find new ways to create a comfortable place.

Paint Your Walls

According to Pierce Design + Build, your bedroom should fit with your personal style because you spend the most time in it. Colors are a great way to express or compliment aspects of your personal style. Whether you choose a bold shade or a calming neutral, find a color that will help the room feel more spacious and will allow for a good amount of light to come in. Use decorations as inspiration for color choices, whether that be matching the color exactly, or finding another color that will go with it well. You might consider themes that suggest a palate of colors, which will create the environment you can feel most like you in.

Create an Accent

A colorful door, a chandelier, a fun piece of artwork—all of these are easy ways to pull attention to certain parts of a room and give it something creative and interesting. According to the Arizona Painting Company, accent walls are a popular addition to add attention to a room. This also provides the chance for complementary colors and cool patterns. Give your room something different! Plants, giant mirrors, throw pillows, and anything else that adds variety and visual interest to your room will draw positive attention from you and your guests. This is also a great opportunity to show off what makes you unique, so look for ways to incorporate your personality into the design.

Every once in a while, a room just needs a little boost to make it as enjoyable now as it was when you first decorated. Easy things like those listed above can give you that “just like new” feeling while requiring little funding to get you there.

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