Bathroom Essentials for Home Sellers

Bathroom Essentials for Home Sellers

When you are ready to sell your house, you want it to stand out from the others on the market. One way to increase your home’s appeal is to make sure these bathroom essential are up-to-date with the features today’s homebuyers seek. Bathrooms are important for many reasons, and showers are incredibly important to buyers. In fact, the bathroom may be the most important room in a home. Bathrooms are where most people begin and end their days. When visitors are in the house, they will probably spend some up-close and personal time in the bathroom.

Update Faucets and Handles

When a buyer walks into a bathroom and observes corroded or dull-looking faucets and handles, that’s not a good impression, but you can easily update these items before your house goes on the market. Whether you choose contemporary, vintage or ultra-modern faucets and handles, you need to coordinate the finishes so that they go well with light fixtures and other accessories. Brushed nickel, chrome, and black matte are popular finishes for faucets, faucet handles, and towel racks.

Give Walls and Floors a New Look

You may be accustomed to your dated wallpaper or unusual paint color. However, buyers may be shocked when they walk in and see flowers, stripes, or an outdated paint color on your bathroom walls. If you are at a loss for how to transform your bathroom walls into something fresh, you can get inspiration from magazines, design centers, and home improvement shows. Of course, when the walls are covered with tile, that’s another story. If the tiles are vintage but in good shape, that may be an advantage. Vintage tile walls with intricate designs or hex shapes can give a bathroom character. If replacing the tile is not in your budget, give it a thorough cleaning and polishing. The same goes for tile floors–buyers may not mind “old,” but they may be turned off by walls and floor tiles that are dirty or dingy.

Showers are Incredibly Important to Buyers

Although many people enjoy an occasional soak in a bathtub, showers are vital to buyers. Nothing compares to the feeling of a hot shower after a strenuous workout. When getting ready for work, showering is quicker than filling a tub for a bath. For an individual with limited mobility or a person recovering from major surgery, a walk-in shower with a shower chair allows for independence.

Stand-alone showers are no longer reserved for luxury homes. Many mid-priced newer homes feature baths with both soaker tubs and walk-in showers, giving homeowners a choice. If you want your bathroom to be a selling point for your home, think about how you can improve your existing shower or consider adding a shower.

How to Improve an Existing Shower

Sometimes showers and baths have problems that need to be fixed before the home is put up for sale. Some of these can be minor, and some of them can be extensive. One of the most common problems in this particular area are leaks in faucets or elsewhere. For a leaking shower, the sealing process usually involves removing grout and silicon, applying new high-grade epoxy, cleaning any wall grout, applying a flexible seal to wall and wall junctions, seal any gaps, and replace the silicon inside of the shower screen. All of that sounds a bit complex, but it’s a whole lot easier than renovating the whole bathroom. That being said, small issues like this can be perfect reasons to do some heavy duty renovations if you feel up for the job, or if you know someone who can do it for you. Because these renovations will go a long way toward attracting potential buyers, it may be worth hiring someone to complete the renovation. If you’re worried about the expense and short on funds, then a short-term, installment loan is a great way to fund the repairs. This investment will likely pay off when you start showing your home to potential buyers.

If you are selling a home that was built within the last ten years and has a separate shower and tub, the design and fixtures may be attractive to buyers. A thorough cleaning may be all your shower needs. However, think about what you might change to take the design up a notch. Maybe you can add a rain type shower head. A rain shower head does not have to be installed on the ceiling. You can create a rain shower by installing a rain shower head that connects to your current plumbing with an extension pipe or rod. If your shower doors seem a little dated, consider adding a frameless shower door to give the shower a cleaner look and a more open feel.

If the only shower you have is located over a tub, you can still update the tub and shower to give it a spacious, spa-like vibe. You can add a rain shower head or a hand-held massaging shower head to your tub shower. If you have framed shower doors, replace them with frameless doors for a clean and spacious look. For a tub with a shower curtain, adding a curved rod is an economical way to add space to a shower in a small bathroom. Curved shower rods come in the shape of a semicircle and hold the shower curtain out from the tub, which can add six or more inches of space for showering.

There are just a few recommendations for updating your bathroom to give buyers what they want. Of course, if you are willing to invest in a total bathroom makeover, you can work with a designer who specializes in bathrooms to create an entirely new space. If possible, you might consider reconfiguring an existing space or adding a space for a new bathroom.

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