Before You Stress Out Over Moving, Read These 5 Tips

If you’ve moved house more than once in the last ten or so years, then you know what’s required for a smooth move. If you’ve mastered the art of moving, though, how can you take the stress out of moving? Here are five tips for making your next move less stressful.

Get a Lot of Sleep

Stress comes from many places. An extra-heavy load at work or the car breaking in the middle of rush hour traffic causes us to tense up or sometimes even lose it altogether. Getting enough restful sleep is a remarkable cure for stress. Add moving to the list, and sleep is more important than ever. Shoot for eight to nine hours each night.

Source: 7 Tips on How to Make Moving Less Stressful

Make Time to Hit the Gym

Exercise increases the brain’s supply of endorphins, those feel-good hormones that accompany a good workout. Packing and organizing a move is the perfect time for a heaping supply of feel-good-ness. We often forget during a move to take care of ourselves. If you require a bubble bath in a spa bathtub, go for it. If you walk or jog to de-stress, then hop to it. Take care of you, and the move will go smoother.

Get Help

A group of friends and a U-Haul is all well and good, but let’s face it: you have a lot of stuff, and the process of moving is stressful enough — especially if you’re moving across country. Hiring professional movers takes care of the heavy lifting, and some will even do most of the packing for you! It may be a little more expensive than the DIY route, but you’ll thank yourself later.

Source: How to Prepare for Moving and Storage

Leave Lots of Time for Cleaning

Cleaning the old house is a simple matter of cleaning each room as it’s emptied. Pile the boxes and furniture in the living and dining rooms or other rooms you don’t use every day. Then on moving day, you’ll only have those two rooms to clean.

Make Sure the Weather is on Your Side

You know to pace your move beginning eight to twelve weeks out. We all get blindsided by the weather, though. It makes sense to keep track of rain and snow, so you’re not sloshing through mud or snow between the truck and the house. You also definitely don’t want to expose your belongings to rain or fluffy white stuff.

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. All it takes is careful planning and taking care of you. Bellanor Realty Group does everything but help you pack. If you’re ready for a new house, search our listings today!