Here’s What to Expect on Closing Day

There are so many details that lead up to the purchase of your dream home that it can be hard to realize it when the closing day is finally upon you. However, when closing day finally arrives, there will still be a few last minute details that need to be taken care of.

kcallender | Dec 20, 2017

5 Home Gizmos you didn’t know you needed

As a homeowner, thinking outside the box, gadget-wise, can lead you to gizmos that solve your problems – even ones you didn’t know you had – in more humane, sustainable, energy-efficient ways than ever before. Read on to find out about five such inventions.

kcallender | Dec 19, 2017

Use a Reverse Mortgage to Buy Your Home

Most people who have been on the market for a home are familiar with what the term ‘mortgage’ means, but many have not heard of a reverse mortgage and aren’t aware of how this product can benefit them.

kcallender | Dec 16, 2017

5 Essential Home Maintenance Skills

New homes can be scary. But when you take the time to think about it, and plan ahead, maintaining a home is easier than you think – a manageable mix of experience and common sense. Here are five skills that will help maintain your new home for years to come.

kcallender | Dec 15, 2017