What to Figure Out Before Starting a Home Improvement Project

There’s nothing like a pandemic to point out everything about your house which isn’t ideal. Maybe you figured out you do need that other bedroom. Maybe you discovered cooking is your passion, but your kitchen is woefully inadequate. Maybe this is the time to repair your basement and make it a bonus room. Whatever discovery […]

Kirk Callender | Dec 31, 2020

Home Dangers to Watch Out for This Winter

Winter isn’t everyone’s favorite time of year, but it’s definitely associated with fun things like Christmas, snow, and hot chocolate. However, there are some things that aren’t so fun. Your home might have frozen pipes, ice dams, or heating problems. If you’re aware of the problems, then you can keep an eye on your home […]

Kirk Callender | Dec 15, 2020

How to Find a Home for Your Specific Needs

There are many reasons to need a specialized home, and finding one which suits your personal needs can feel complex. You might need housing that is wheelchair accessible or specialized towards a child or other family member who needs special care. Perhaps you need a mother-in-law suite for aging parents. Being able to find not […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 30, 2020

How Your Home Can Impact Your Health in the Winter

With winter drawing ever closer, people are spending more time at home. Your home should be a place you enjoy spending time in and a place where you are safe. That isn’t always the case though. More time spent at home means more time exposed to allergens and contaminants within your home. If not addressed […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 25, 2020

How to Prepare Your Home for a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you’ve been preparing your home to sell, you know how important its appearance is. The way your home’s exterior looks is what gives potential buyers their first impression of your home. If it’s looking a bit worn, you may want to give your home a fresh coat of paint. You can’t just expect to […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 20, 2020