Professionals That Can Guide You to Make a Wise Home Buying Decision

The home buying process can often take weeks and there are many loopholes to jump through. If you are a first-time buyer this can be confusing and there can be many obstacles. There are professionals available like real estate agents, inspectors, and lenders who can help you make a wise home buying decision. Real Estate […]

Kirk Callender | Aug 11, 2021

How to Avoid Missteps When Shopping for Your Next Home

Purchasing a home is exciting, but it is also a long-term commitment that takes some serious planning. Since you will be in your new place for the long haul, and it’s a huge expense, it’s important to do things right from the very beginning. A misstep during home shopping can have disastrous consequences, so it […]

Kirk Callender | Aug 11, 2021

How Can I Become More Educated on the Home Buying Process?

Home buying is an important step into adulthood, but it can be intimidating, especially for first-time buyers. That’s why you should take time to learn about the home buying process before you embark on the process yourself. The more you know about how to buy a home the easier it will be to purchase and […]

Kirk Callender | Aug 6, 2021

How to Find a Home for Your Specific Needs

There are many reasons to need a specialized home, and finding one which suits your personal needs can feel complex. You might need housing that is wheelchair accessible or specialized towards a child or other family member who needs special care. Perhaps you need a mother-in-law suite for aging parents. Being able to find not […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 30, 2020

9 Ways To Make A Real Estate Agent Cry

Ahhh, the home buying (and selling) process. From the day you decide it’s time to move and leave all your friends, to the moment you go to unpack the last box and find out that your favorite wedding present got smashed in the truck somehow, it’s an emotional and sometimes upsetting process. Did you know […]

kcallender | Sep 10, 2020