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Improving Curb Appeal is Important, but How Do You Do It?

Curb appeal can play a big role in how quickly your home sells. If your property looks attractive from the street, there is a better chance that those who are in the market for a home will want to learn more. A green and properly maintained yard will also look better in pictures posted online. […]

Kirk Callender | Mar 13, 2019

4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

When the weather outside is frightful, your home should be delightful. But if you don’t take the appropriate steps to get your house ready for colder temperatures, it will give you nothing but trouble! Fortunately, there are a few simple steps that you can take to make sure that your home will be a safe […]

Kirk Callender | Dec 6, 2018

8 Ways to Winterize Your Lawn

If you live in a climate that experiences the different seasons, then you understand that your lawn requires extra care to prepare for the cooler, winter months. But taking care of your lawn can be difficult, and many people don’t know how to provide their lawn with the care that it needs during winter months. […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 25, 2018

4 Ways Your Garage Can Raise the Value of Your Home

When you think of improvements that add value to your home, the first things that come to mind are probably updating the kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms. However, improving your garage can also add value to your home. At a minimum, having an attached garage adds $20,000 to your home’s value. With simple, easy, and efficient […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 20, 2018

Do You Know These 4 Common Mistakes of Renovating?

Renovating is a common practice for homeowners who are looking to update their property and boost its appeal with new materials and fresh paint. Doing so can really boost your home’s value, which is perfect for getting it ready to sell. Due to a lack of experience, many homeowners make mistakes that can cost them […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 16, 2018