Home Owners

What You Should Know About Owning a Home and Taxes

Owning your own home is a rewarding journey. Knowing more about how homeownership and taxes work can help you make informed decisions throughout the process of purchasing, owning, and selling a home. Understanding taxes on your property can also help you save money on your home. Property Taxes Most states in the United States have […]

Kirk Callender | Sep 16, 2021

How to Make Your Home More Safe and Secure

Keeping your home safe should be one of your biggest priorities. It is one of your biggest assets, after all. It is the most important structure that keeps you safe. Here are a few tips to help you make sure that you can stay safe and secure in your home. Install a Security System One […]

Kirk Callender | Sep 9, 2021

Home Problems That May Cause Illness

A home is meant to be a sanctuary and a place of safety. Fortunately, that holds true for many of us. Others, however, are not so fortunate. The unfortunate truth is that sometimes the home itself can be a source of problems that can cause illness. So what sort of problems might you encounter? Mold […]

Kirk Callender | Sep 1, 2021

Plumbing Issues That You Should Get Fixed Right Away

If there’s one time when people tend to get to fixing problems in their homes, it’s when they’re getting ready to sell. Not getting things fixed usually means a lower price for the home, which can really motivate people to finish projects that have been abandoned for a while. If during that process you happen […]

Kirk Callender | Aug 30, 2021

How to Add Additional Privacy to Your Home

Whether you have just bought a new home, renovated your home, or are content living in your current home, you may want to consider adding additional privacy to your property. Adding different elements that will provide privacy to your home can help you feel more safe and secure. You don’t have to go to extremes […]

Kirk Callender | Jul 19, 2021