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3 Things You Should Know About Bed Bugs and Apartments

Bed bugs are becoming more common and can often be found in hotels, apartments, and houses. Unlike other types of pests, they’re extremely challenging to eradicate and can spread quickly if an infestation is ignored. If you live in an apartment and discover bed bugs in your unit, there are a few important things you […]

Kirk Callender | Jul 22, 2019

4 Unexpected Home Improvement Nightmares You Should Watch Out For

When taking on a major home improvement project, no one ever likes to think about anything going wrong, but it doesn’t take very much for your greatest renovation fantasy to turn into your worst nightmare in ways you don’t expect. Here are four situations that can go very badly very quickly and how you can […]

Kirk Callender | Jul 2, 2019

3 Ways to Create More Storage Space in Your Kitchen

Lack of space in your kitchen can make it difficult to prepare meals. Even the smallest kitchens can be improved upon when it comes to utilizing the space you have. Some methods of increasing the functionality of your kitchen may require professional installation, while others can easily be done on your own. Add a Kitchen […]

Kirk Callender | May 28, 2019

3 Common Hazards That Can Decrease the Value of Your Home

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to be aware of your home’s value. There are many things that can cause your home’s value to decrease. While you can’t control factors outside of your property, most things on your property are well within your control. The key is to regularly inspect your property and correct small […]

Kirk Callender | May 10, 2019

3 Ways to Make a Garage Substitute at Home

Garages are an important feature of residential properties because they offer shelter for vehicles, sporting equipment, and other personal belongings. Some homes aren’t built with garages, which can make your vehicle vulnerable to damage or wear throughout the year. If you want to make a garage substitute, there are a few options to consider. Awnings […]

Kirk Callender | Apr 15, 2019