What You Need to Do Before Moving Into a Newly Built Home

Moving into a newly built home can be an incredibly exciting experience. After all, you and your family will be the only people who ever lived there, and that means that the home was basically built for you. However, that doesn’t mean that moving into a newly built home comes without risks, and there can […]

Kirk Callender | Mar 10, 2020

What to Know Before Getting a Backyard Pool

A swimming pool can be a very fun and enjoyable addition to your backyard. It’s a big investment, though, so it’s advised to think this idea through. A lot of people encounter a heatwave in the middle of the summer and jump on a local sale on pool installations without thinking long term. There are […]

Kirk Callender | Dec 18, 2019

3 Remodeling Themes That Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Remodeling an area of your home doesn’t have to cost a ton of money. Just a few improvements here and there can make a big difference in the overall appearance of your home. Whether you are looking to update some spaces in your home to increase its selling potential or you just want to make […]

Kirk Callender | Mar 25, 2019