How to Sell a Home That Has Issues

Not every home is a simple sale, and often older homes need help of some sort. Whether your home has foundation issues, mold you’ve been fixing, or a recent leak, you must always tell the buyer what you’ve been working on and how you are fixing things. But it can always be worrisome: how exactly […]

Kirk Callender | Sep 15, 2021

Warning Signs That Require Your Attention Before Selling

Deciding to sell your home is a big decision to make. There are often a plethora of logistics to work out, from figuring out where you want to live and finding a home, to preparing your old home to go on the market. Some homes take more prep work than others before they’re ready. As […]

Kirk Callender | Mar 24, 2021

Top Tips for Staging Your Home That Will Attract Potential Buyers

It can be difficult to know how to attract potential buyers when selling your home. If your house seems ordinary and you need some inspiration to make it seem special, check out these tips that can attract the greatest number of buyers and allow you to sell your home quickly and for the most money […]

Kirk Callender | May 19, 2020

Selling Your House? Beware of These Dealbreakers

Selling your home can be a busy and stressful experience. The constant upheaval of sudden visitors and the need to keep everything as clean and neat as possible plus the worry that buyers might fixate upon something negative, either bailing on a deal or trying to rake you over the coals on price. Some big […]

Kirk Callender | Feb 20, 2020

Renovating Before Selling? 3 Smart Tips for Doing it Right

Selling and placing your home on the market does not have to feel overwhelmingly complicated, even if you have never sold a home in the past. If you are thinking of completing a few home renovations before selling your home, there are a few tips to remember to ensure the process goes as smoothly as […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 15, 2019