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What to Know Before Buying Your First Investment Property

If you are thinking about taking a step into investment properties, you are probably feeling excited about the prospects of your new investment. It is important to harness that excitement so you can plan carefully and make a sturdy investment that will be fruitful and worthwhile. Making the Property Profitable For an investment property to […]

Kirk Callender | Jan 14, 2021

Home Dangers to Watch Out for This Winter

Winter isn’t everyone’s favorite time of year, but it’s definitely associated with fun things like Christmas, snow, and hot chocolate. However, there are some things that aren’t so fun. Your home might have frozen pipes, ice dams, or heating problems. If you’re aware of the problems, then you can keep an eye on your home […]

Kirk Callender | Dec 15, 2020

How to Prepare Your Home for a Fresh Coat of Paint

If you’ve been preparing your home to sell, you know how important its appearance is. The way your home’s exterior looks is what gives potential buyers their first impression of your home. If it’s looking a bit worn, you may want to give your home a fresh coat of paint. You can’t just expect to […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 20, 2020

What to Look for When Buying a Vacation Property in New Hampshire

If you’re wanting to expand your investments, especially in regards to real estate, purchasing a vacation home can be a good move to make. It serves as a great getaway option in case you want to take a vacation. Alternatively, it can be rented out when you aren’t using it to generate some extra income […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 11, 2020

What You Should Know Before Starting a Farm on Your New England Property

Farming is the backbone of American society. It is wonderful to be self-sufficient and create your wealth by providing food to people nationwide. While some people think the average farmer lives in Nebraska or Kansas, there are many small farmers in the New England area. However, it can be difficult to know how to start […]

Kirk Callender | Nov 11, 2020