How to Make Your Guests Feel at Home

As a host you always want to make sure that your guests feel at home, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Whether your guests are family or friends, it’s important that they have their own space and know how to access everything they need. When you’ve mastered your goals as a host you can have even more fun with all your guests and make sure they want to return again in the future.

Add Comfortable Furniture 

The guest room is an essential part of making your guests feel comfortable and that means making sure it is stocked with good furniture. According to Sleep, the type of mattress largely determines how comfortable a person feels sleeping each night. It’s also nice to have a great dresser and seating in the guest room in case they want to read or lounge outside of their bed. Choosing comfortable furniture will help to make the space feel homey and welcoming so your guests know that you are happy to have them and want them to stay.

Be More Welcoming

Another important step is to create a welcoming atmosphere from the moment your guests walk through the door. According to Pierce Design + Build, even simple things like adding closet space near your entryway makes your home more welcoming to guests. You can also welcome them by giving them a tour of the house. Make sure to show them where they can find snacks, the bathrooms, and other essentials like fresh towels. The more welcoming you are at the start, the more comfortable your guests will feel.

Learn Their Preferences 

Some people like to be completely in charge of their trip while others prefer for you to take the lead. Figuring out how your guests want things to go can make your life easier and help them to feel more comfortable. Kitchn recommends you talk to your guest before the trip about their itinerary and if they want you to plan any activities or have it covered on their own. The more you know the better their trip will be for everyone!

Hosting guests can be very fun, but also takes a bit of work. When you do the work up front to make a welcoming space and plan for activities beforehand, it will give you room to breathe during the actual hosting. Then you can enjoy your time with your guests without any of the stress!

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