How to Sell a Home That Has Issues


Not every home is a simple sale, and often older homes need help of some sort. Whether your home has foundation issues, mold you’ve been fixing, or a recent leak, you must always tell the buyer what you’ve been working on and how you are fixing things. But it can always be worrisome: how exactly can you sell a home that has issues?

Fix Major Issues

Preparing any home for sale includes repairing issues which have been put off. However, it’s critical to make sure that even though you might have previously been excellent at DIY, this is not the time for fixing things for yourself. According to Homelight, you need to find a specialist who can help repair the problems, and also to make sure you pass future inspections. Having those records of what you’ve been doing will help in your sales, especially if there is visible damage which has been repaired. The knowledge it’s been repaired and documented is much better than just a mention of you having taken care of it.

Disclose Issues

According to J Bixler Inspections, you have a responsibility to disclose certain information about the condition of the home. In most states this is the same. This means that if you do not disclose that you have had an ongoing leak, or damage to the roof, etc, you can be financially culpable for this problem, even after sales. This is why having a specialist do the repairs is particularly critical, for documentation.

Offer a Home Warranty

Especially when selling an older home which has had issues over time, a home warranty can offer you a great option. According to Angi, this can reassure a buyer that not only have you disclosed anything you’ve known about, but also that you intend to cover their base. A home warranty can give the chance of soothing a potential buyer’s understanding that if they purchase, they won’t get any nasty surprises, or, if they do, they will be taken care of by the warranty.

Your beautiful home has housed you well, and selling it is a complex situation. Make sure you get your repairs done as best as possible and disclose everything which you know about the house and property. Offer a home warranty to show buyers your good faith and look forward to selling in full confidence of doing the right things!

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