Walpole house, Tim moved to Florida

Kirk went well beyond the requirements...

We had our Walpole house on the market the fall of 2014. Winter months in New Hampshire are typically hard to sell in, so we took it off the market. Relisted it in the Spring of 2015 with the listing to expire in December of 2015. These listing were with a different agent. No offers. In December  of 2015, an aggressive agent named Kirk Callendar approached my wife. He asked if we would give him a chance to sell our house during the months of January through April. We had plans to be out of state from mid February to early April, but Kirk said he would take care of any selling issue. So we decided to give it a try. On our way out of town (mid February) the mobile phone rang with an offer. Kirk handled the negotiation process for us in a very professional manor. Then the real challenges began. Through all the inspections, re-negotiations, and contractors, Kirk went well beyond the requirements. He let them in, assisted them in getting answers, looked up data in a binder of information on the house and generally facilitated all the issues while we were out of state. I have already recommended Kirk to several other potential sellers. I would suggest to readers of this review, YOU CONSIDER HIM ALSO !!!!