The Complete Home Buyer’s Guide to Inspections and Maintenance

With buyer demand outpacing supply of homes in the United States, buyers don’t always have an abundance of options. That doesn’t mean you should be reckless with how you buy, you still want to avoid problem homes that have significant issues, such as pests.

In many states, it is required to provide a termite inspection certificate for home purchase. The inspecting process helps to detect any infestations or damage. Termite control service is ideal to solve invasion problems. Check with your lender and relevant departments on the accredited professionals for the inspection. The inspectors will keep the property clear of bugs. Here are reasons to get a termite inspection before you acquire a home or put an offer on a property.

Big Termite Problems

Studies show that each year these bugs cause around $300 million damage on properties. The pets are hard to notice, and most homeowners brush off the idea of seeking professional inspectors for help. They miss red flags that could be indicating the existence of the insects and end up footing bills for significant repairs. The insurance covers do not cater for such damages.

Prepare Future Homeowners

The process prepares one for the reality of owning a home in a particular region. Residents of a given place have specific responsibilities that are worth noting before making any payments. Regular property treating for the pest is part of these roles to avoid damages. Knowing about the future helps one to see if they can still afford the investment and its upkeep.

Inspections bring Peace of Mind

Inspection reports from a professional will give you peace of mind. Acquiring a home is stressful due to the many procedures involved. An inspecting company will check the state of a building and advice on whether to proceed with the buying or get another investment. Hiring inspectors help reduce stress levels and make the purchasing experience enjoyable.

Law Requirement

The law demand buyers to carry out due diligence to know the condition of a building before bidding. Sellers can put up a house for sale without an inspection. Brokers and agents in the real estate industry are after making deals and can unintentionally fail to disclose details. Potential buyers need such information to know the value of the home.

Lender Requirement

Financial providers only approve financing for customers with an updated termite clearance. They call for a clear inspection from a certified expert, unlike the law. You must provide the inspection certificates to get a loan from the lender. The small amount paid allows you to enjoy better investment terms.


Termite inspection process aids in lowering maintenance costs. Get a certified and experienced pest control professionals for the task – you might even want to make sure they use safe products (hopefully eco-friendly, as they are also typically human-friendly as well), and has knowledge of a wide array of pests. Then, you can send the reports to your lenders and insurance provider for them to know the building value.



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