Three step method to staging a home


Three ways to stage a home, in preparation to sell!

livingroomIf you are thinking about selling your home and are ready to call an agent, or even *gasp* on your own, you want to make sure it is presented the best it possibly can be. This increases the likelihood of attracting that buyer and making the want to make that purchase. A properly staged home will also help a home sell faster, than a poorly staged or messy one. I have put together a 3 step method you can use to get you home ready for the big reveal! You can stop after any of the steps if that is what

Step 1

Finalizing Basic Preparations

Clean your house. Before anything else is done, clean your house top to bottom. Like the queen herself is planning on stopping in for tea. This means vacuum, mop, dust, and yes even windows, do whatever you have to do to get it shining. A simple as it sounds this is going to be the biggest factor in staging the house. It doesn’t matter if the books are straight if they are covered in dust.

Remove all the clutter. Buyers are looking to get the most space for the buck. If your home is filled to the brim with clutter it doesn’t matter if you have the largest sq footage it will look cramped and small. Less (stuff) is more (space)!

    • Generally, a good rule of thumb is that if it belongs somewhere else: it’s clutter. The thing should match with the space that it is in and should need to be in that room, shelf or area. Piles of things like paper, boxes of random items, clothing, old electronic cables, and appliances are all clutter.

Let in the sunlight. Buyers want a house which is well lit, bright and airy. Make sure to open all of the curtains. The best idea is to replace them all with sheers if at all possible to maximize the available light. Remove anything that is obstructing the windows inside and out, like trees, bushes, and even items within the home that keep the light from flooding the room.

Depersonalize. The goal is for buyers to see your home as theirs, not yours. Removing things like family photos, personal memorabilia, and all your other items that are specific to your family is important.

Step 2

Using What You Have

Remove or replace dated items. You will want to remove or replace anything that may make a room or home look dated. Velvet Elvis posters, pink flamingos, lava lamps, plastic furniture coverings, along with anything that is broken (even if it “still works”) can make potential buyers feel like the home itself may be dated even if it is just the items in the room.

Make effective use of the available space. It is critical that you make sure to use the space in the home effectively. This may mean rearranging furniture or replacing large or awkward pieces with smaller ones. Make use of storage solutions, and reducing the amount of furniture in a room will make the room appear larger and well-designed.

Update old appliances. Beige or avocado kitchen appliances? While retro items are making a comeback this is not most people’s idea of an eye-catching kitchen. Buyers won’t want to put an offer on a house that they feel looks dated and appliances of this nature will date a home and scratch it off the short list quickly. Buyers will also begin to think about the cost of replacement of all of the appliances instead of where they will put the couch. To avoid this, replace the dated appliances with something more up-to-date. Make sure that the new appliances all match!

Step 3

Making Further Improvements

Finish those home improvement projects. Ever start a home improvement project only to decide it should probably wait until later? Well, it’s later. Did you tear off most of the wallpaper in the spare bedroom before abandoning the endeavor? Are there bare floors in the entryway because tiling turned out to be a lot harder than you thought? Now is the time to finish these projects yourself or hire a professional to finish them. Things like these only look like big dollar signs to a buyer, and that’s not the impression you want to give. Since that will significantly put off buyers.

Add a coat of fresh paint. Give the rooms a fresh appearance by putting on a fresh coat of paint. Make sure to use neutral colors on the walls. You can add pop to a room by adding bright accessories and furnishings. This will make rooms look accessible. When you are choosing the colors make it a point to avoid dated colors, especially shades of yellow, green, and orange. One mistake people make is to genderize a room, such as painting a child’s room pink. The potential buyers may not want a room for that use and would only see that as more work after moving. In smaller rooms, use lighter colors to make rooms appear larger and brighter, avoid dark colors which can often do the opposite.

Update floor coverings. Old, stained carpet? It’s time to get rid of it! The buyers will be much more attracted to wood floors. They are much more versatile, they can be left bare or even have an area rug placed over them.Wall-to-wall carpet will require much more Maintenance and replaced more often than hardwood which can last many decades.

Give your Cabinets a facelift. Kitchens are a big deal. If the kitchen cabinets are dated and worn and you can’t spring for all brand new ones, simply paint over them, replace the doors, or at the very least replace the handles to give them a more up-to-date look. This can be done fairly easily and is much cheaper than all replacing them completely.

Don’t forget about the outside. First impressions are important. They set the tone for the rest of the showing. Be sure to pay attention to your entryway and make it look inviting. It’s is best to give your exterior a coat of fresh paint if you can, alternately you can or just paint the front door if you don’t. If you have vinyl or some other siding that can be washed have it cleaned professionally or do it yourself.

    • It is very important to make sure the yard is well maintained. Keep the lawn nicely trimmed and pay attention to the trees and bushes making sure they are not out of place or overgrown. You can also add in fresh plants and flowers to make the house look inviting and well cared for.
    • It’s time to take a look at your fences and figure out if it might be better to remove them. If they block the flow of space or look decayed or in need of serious repair, they will likely dissuade buyers.


  • De-cluttering your house as well as giving it deep thorough cleaning will work wonders, and show to potential buyers how well the house is cared for.
  • In smaller spaces you can use large framed mirrors to give the impression of a larger space. Position them on walls reflect outdoor views or indoor plants for an added boost. No plastic plants use live, growing things!
  • Keep in mind: you are making your home appeal to someone else. So have that in mind when you are making purchases, and go for the broadest appeal in décor and color schemes.
  • You making your home a display, so present it well! If you don’t have an eye for decorating (be honest with yourself) ask one of your friends or a family member to give your house a look over. Or ask your real estate agent if they can give you some tips or recommend a staging company to give you home a makeover.
  • You don’t have to go out and buy all new furniture and appliances just to stage a home. You can use furniture rentals or similar services to make your home look nice for only the time needed to sell it.