Weekend DIY: Organize Your Pantry


There’s something appealing about a well-organized pantry. Maybe it’s the promise of delicious meals to come? Whatever it is, there are a few simple steps to get you there. Read on for a look at how to easily reorganize your space into a better pantry.


Clear It Out

First, clear everything out and take the time to really clean: wipe down those shelves with soap and water. Once the pantry is clean, turn to the food you’ve laid out. Now, purge: chuck everything that is past its date and set aside items you don’t plan to use anymore, but can donate to a food bank.


Inventory: What Do You Have?

Next, it’s time to inventory what’s going back in the pantry. Separate these into items you use every day and ones that make less frequent appearances, for easier organization later. You can also use this opportunity to remove duplicates (do you really need three boxes of spaghetti?) and add them to the donation pile.


Zones: Where Does Everything Go?

Step three: zoning. Separating your pantry into dedicated areas will make finding things, and keeping track of them, a lot easier. Some suggested zones are breakfast, lunch, baking, kids, easy meals, entertaining and cooking tools/utensils. Put the kids’ zone in an easy-to-access spot so they can get at it. In general, heavy items should be stored at the bottom of the pantry, and everyday ones should be kept at eye-level for easier access.


Storage: What Do You Have, Part Two

And now, to storage! Some rules of thumb here: wire bins work well for perishable items like produce, so they remain visible and at the front of your memory. Clear containers serve this purpose as well. Use stackable containers to maximize your space, and label everything so you know what’s what at a glance. You can also repurpose non-kitchen organizational items into storage for your pantry. Why not turn a hanging shoe holder into over-the-door pocket storage?


Keep It Clear

Your pantry is happily restocked and reorganized – congratulations! Now don’t lose that momentum. By doing a quick inventory each week, you can easily keep your pantry up to snuff. And if you do a little cleaning each time you use it – wipe it down, turn the food so labels are showing – your pantry will remain spick and span for ages.

So there you have it – how to reorganize your pantry in a few simple steps. For recommendations on where to get the supplies to spruce up your pantry, reach out to your local real estate agent. They might even share a few ideas of their own, if you ask!