Why You Should Consider Moving Out of the City

Ah, city life. The smog. The traffic. The extraordinarily exorbitant rental prices. Regardless of your income level, it’s exceptionally difficult to get ahead, and even more so to raise children in a studio apartment in a walk-up. But what other options are there? Now, more and more remote options are becoming available. Why should you consider moving out of the city?

Get a Fresh Start

Remote jobs might mean you can have the same job and income in a cheaper to live location. Whether this means moving back to the formerly familiar street of your home town, or to an entirely new space, a fresh start is now available. Unlike those largest cities on both coasts, many of the smaller cities in the US, and most of the heartland especially, offer affordable housing options and truly enjoyable locations.

Enjoy More Nature

If you’re going to purchase a home (with actual land), you have the option to have outdoor spaces which belong only to you. For those who love the idea of having even a tiny apartment balcony garden, this opens up amazing possibilities. According to Proterra Pest Control, planting eucalyptus or mint plants can keep away insects when you’re enjoying the backyard. You can have outdoor parties on the deck or patio, and use the trees and grass as an additional room. For those who have had to go into one specific designated park greenspace in a large concrete area, having your own personal space is extremely soothing to all family members, especially pets!

Avoid Crowded Areas

Perhaps the best reason to relocate, if only temporarily, is to avoid being stuck in a city during yet another wave of pandemic. With variants raging, getting stuck in a large city where you may not have great access to outdoor spaces, is definitely not a fun idea. According to Healthline, your favorite city hotspots have the highest risk of getting you sick. If you’ve already done this during a lockdown, trying something new is critical. While those in the suburbs are frustrated they don’t have two extra bedrooms for work and school, those in cities know that having ANY extra space is nearly impossible.

With the internet available everywhere, work can happen regardless. If you’re not limited by being within a few miles of your office, why limit yourself to any particular city or state? Companies have learned that remote work is actually more productive than in person, and without a commute, you gain extra time in your day!

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